Art has a power and it is that of surprise and emotion. This is what arises from Carlo Massimo Franchi artistic work, who confers dignity and beauty to life with his surprising opera. It is known and indisputable that art creates and anticipates the movements of civilization thanks to its symbolic capability. Alongside with other creative expressions art constitutes an added value, necessary for that economical, cultural andsocial balance that every society tries to reach and it creates, at the same time, clear and direct links with the territory in which it acts: and this is what this artist from Novara does since a long time, by offering asignificant contribution with a high artistic value.

He faces, during a path characterized by the unknown, by deceptions and glows, like a Greek hero, his own creative existence in search of perfection. He owns a language, a completely personal vocabulary held up by rigor and curiosity, with a constant look to contemporaneity, perceiving its impulses and necessities, where art and life constantly mix up. To paraphrase Rauschenberg “he tries to move in the middle” and, with no doubts, this artist does it very well.

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